The CSO Team

The Country Squirrel Outfitters Team:



Miranda (owner)

A Pennsylvania native and a graduate of West Virginia University.  Miranda spent 12 years in Maryland working in the biotechnology industry as an engineer and project manager.  During her time living in Maryland, she honed her rock climbing skills at the local climbing gyms and crags. Miranda has also had a passion for bicycles, ever since she got her first Schwinn 10 speed as a child. She attended Barnett Bicycle Institute in Colorado Springs, Colorado where she learned more of the intricacies of bicycle assembly, maintenance and repairs.  Miranda rides as often as she can, and competes in bicycle races and tours. She also loves hiking and climbing, and has summited several peaks of 14,000 feet or more in elevation.  Miranda is certified in Wilderness First Aid.  Miranda is the CSO manager and runs the day-to-day operations.  Miranda enjoys many outdoor activities, but her favorites include: rock climbing, biking, fishing, backpacking, kayaking and snowshoeing.  She has had many exciting adventures over the years, but some of her best memories include: deep sea fishing in Cabo, Mexico, summiting Mount Democrat in Colorado, kayaking on the Potomac River in West Virginia, hiking the Golden Eagle Trail in Pennsylvania, and snowshoeing in Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado.


Steve Bike

Steve (owner)

Also a Pennsylvania native and a graduate of Shippensburg University of Pennsylvania.  In addition to his love of outdoor recreation, he is also actively involved in conservation.  He has over 13 years of experience working in the environmental conservation field and continues to work in conservation today.  Steve also attended Barnett Bicycle Institute in Colorado Springs, Colorado where he was able to expand upon his knowledge of bicycles.  He is also certified in Wilderness First Aid, holds a Pennsylvania Boating Safety & Education certificate, and is certified in Leave No Trace outdoor ethics.  Steve is an avid runner and enjoys competing in running, cycling and triathlon events.  In 2007 he began competing in running events at the marathon distance and has since completed several marathons and ultra-marathons.  His current goal is to run a marathon or ultra-marathon in every state.  Prior to CSO, Steve worked as an Expert Outfitter with an outfitter business that operated in Maryland and Virginia.  Steve also enjoys many outdoor activities, but his favorites include: running, cycling, backpacking, kayaking, rock climbing and snowshoeing.  Steve has had countless adventures, but some of his most memorable include: being charged by a black bear while trail running in Sproul State Forest in Pennsylvania, spending a very cold week of camping and hiking in Dolly Sods West Virginia, sea kayaking in Jamaica, whitewater rafting on the Arkansas River in Colorado, a week of exploring Acadia National Park in Maine and finishing the Tussey Mountainback 50-mile Ultra-Marathon in Rothrock State Forest in Pennsylvania.


Our Staff

Kathy (Events Planner & Shift Supervisor)

Kathy is a native of Wellsboro, PA, where she developed her love of the outdoors on the trails in and around the Pennsylvania Grand Canyon. She and her husband moved to Ridgway in 1993 and then to Lake City in 1994, where they continue to reside with their two daughters, dogs, cats, and chickens. When she’s not working, Kathy enjoys going to concerts and music festivals, camping, hiking, trail running, practicing yoga, and taking various fitness classes at both the Ridgway and Brookville YMCAs. She’s also looking forward to mountain biking again after a long hiatus, as well as honing her stand-up paddle boarding skills.

kiersten pic for cso site

Kiersten (Summer Supervisor and Outfitter)

Kiersten is an Elk County native and graduate of Ridgway Area High School. She now attends Indiana University of Pennsylvania where she studies early childhood education and special ed. She hopes to someday move to California to teach in a large school system and to possibly travel to other countries to help educate children who do not have access to education like we do in the United States. Kiersten’s interests include hiking, kayaking, fishing, camping, going to the beach, swimming, and getting pizza with her friends. Kiersten currently resides in Ridgway with her mom, dad, brother, sister, and dog, Wally.

Chris (Shift Supervisor and Outfitter)

Chris grew up in Warren, lived in Pittsburgh to start a career in education, and relocated to St. Marys in 2016 to teach English and Social Studies at St. Marys Area High School. His favorite outdoor activities include hiking, camping, canoeing, and kayaking. Chris is looking forward to learning more about Elk County and all it has to offer by working at Country Squirrel.

Matt (Bike Mechanic & Outfitter)

Matt is a native of suburban Philadelphia, but for the last 6 years has been an Elk County resident. Working at CSO is his summer gig; during the year, Matt is an English and Theater teacher at St. Marys Area High School. He enjoys cycling (both mountain and road) as well as camping and hiking; as an adult leader with the local scout Troop 93, Matt is able to participate in both! He currently lives in Ridgway with his wife, Sara, dog, Lacey and cat, Alice.


Billy(Bike Mechanic and River Runner)

Billy is an Elk County native, who grew up in Ridgway, and is currently a senior at Ridgway Area High School. His extracurricular activities are wrestling, track & field, cross country, and football. Some of his favorite outdoor activities are hiking, backpacking, running, biking, camping, and kayaking. Billy is a three time place finisher in the Elk County Boulder Dash, as well as being an Eagle Scout of Troop 93 in Ridgway. His future plans are to attend a 4 year college and major in engineering. He is looking forward to having a fun summer working at Country Squirrel!


bryce cso bio
Bryce (Outfitter and River Runner)

Bryce is an Elk County native, who has grew up in Ridgway, and currently attends Ridgway Area High School. His extracurricular activities are wrestling and football, but with any free time he is outside or spending time with family and friends. Some of his favorite activities are hunting, fishing, camping and kayaking. Bryce is unsure about his future plans but is looking forward to the experiences here at Country Squirrel.

neil and yogi
Neil (Outfitter and River Runner)

Neil is an Elk County native, who grew up in Ridgway, and is currently a senior at Ridgway Area High School. His extracurricular activities are Football, Baseball, and Basketball. Neil’s hobbies consist of camping, hunting, fishing, kayaking, and hanging out with his friends. His future plans are to attend a 4 year college majoring in Engineering.

Hannah (Outfitter)

Hannah is an Elk County native and graduate of Ridgway Area High School. She now attends Indiana University of Pennsylvania where she studies Speech Language Pathology and Audiology. She hopes to someday be able to travel around the world, assisting those who need help with speech and hearing. Hannah enjoys multiple activities including: kayaking, hiking, fishing, camping, going to the beach, and hanging out with her friends and family. Hannah currently resides in Ridgway, Pa with her mom, step dad, sister, and brother.

jennas pic for cso website

Jenna is an Elk County native and a graduate of Elk County Catholic High School. She now attends The Pennsylvania State University at Main Campus studying Industrial Engineering. She hopes after one day to move somewhere new for a while and explore different things. Jenna enjoys all things outdoors but specifically likes camping, fishing, hiking and kayaking. She also enjoys going to concerts and refereeing soccer games for the St. Marys Soccer Association. Jenna resides in St. Marys with her mom, dad, brother and dog Buster.

Elizabeth (Outfitter)

Elizabeth is an Elk County native and graduate of Ridgway Area High School. She is planning to attend Slippery Rock University of Pennsylvania to study Biology on track for a Doctor of Physical Therapy degree. Elizabeth enjoys multiple outdoor activities including: kayaking, hiking, running, swimming, and camping. She also likes to play tennis and go out with her friends. She resides in Ridgway, PA with her family.

Happy Bill (River Runner)

Happy grew up in the “the City of Champions”, Pittsburgh and went to Edinboro to become a teacher and earned his Master’s in Arts. He taught all levels of English and coached Cross Country, Wrestling and Track and Field. He also advised two clubs, the poetry club and the ecology club. His favorite pass times are the activities supported by Country Squirrel Outfitters. He does triathlon, trail running and riding his bikes on road or off. He also loves reading and writing has published poetry in PA English and Bailey’s Beads. He’s been at CSO for 5 years and enjoys sharing with customers.

Kayla (Outfitter)

Kayla is originally from Wichita Falls where she grew up for most of her life. She is currently a senior at St. Marys Area High School where she is involved with the SMA Drama club. Her hobbies include poetry and hiking. Her future plans are to go to college to obtain a degree in Secondary Education.
Scout (Greeter)

Scout is the official store greeter.  If you come into CSO, chances are Scout will be the first to greet you.  He’s our English Springer Spaniel and he spends most of his days here at CSO hanging out with the staff and greeting customers.  He enjoys all types of sporting activities and he’s just an all around “honey badger.”  Some of his favorite activities include:  Long hikes, backpacking trips, sleeping in tents, trail running, snowshoeing and hunting birds. However, his favorite sport is chasing a tennis ball.