Jogalite Reflective Vest – White


At JOGALITE, form follows function – and the function of our products is to save lives through enhanced visibility. We take special care in every aspect of design, fit and manufacture of every JOGALITE product, and we stand behind each one – because we know your safety depends on it.

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Product Description

Safety in Technology

JOGALITE uses REFLEXITE® Retroreflective Technology on most of its products. Here’s why:reflexite-art

  • Superior abrasion resistance
  • Excellent washability
  • Reflects color in night AND day
  • Reflective in virtually any weather
  • Reflective when wet
  • 800’ to 1000’ visibility

How REFLEXITE works:
One square inch of Reflexite contains a complex array of 47,000 cube corner prisms. Each prism returns light back to its source, and permits a wide angle of refraction.


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